Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease

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The all new “Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” is designed to be used on almost every part of your bicycle, where grease is needed! It is environmental friendly with a lovely Coconut-fragrance.

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Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease

Our “Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” is highly durable, has excellent pressure resistance and eliminates friction. It also prevents from corrosion and is highly water-repellent. This amazing new formula is a very smooth type of environmental-friendly grease. This product is very easy to process.

We offer a “Grease Brush” for application if you don’t want to get your fingers greasy.

“Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” can be used on almost every part of your bicycle, where a high-quality grease is required. Put it on bearings, any thread, pivot points, seat posts, bolts, axles etc. It is fine to be used on any material even on carbon fibre parts.

We designed this product to be used in an economical way and to apply it in small amounts to many parts on your bicycle. You will love the coconut smell from the first moment you open the glass jar and every time you work with this amazing grease.

The container, where it is delivered, is made out of glass. The glass jar is refillable and highly recommended to be reused for more Coconut-butter when it’s empty. You can reuse this jar also for any other things, such as bolts and all other kinds of little pits and pieces. If you don’t find any way to reuse it, you can still put the glass in the recycling process. The lid is made out of metal for high durability.

Be careful with the glass container. It is strong glass but can still break!!!

You get “Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” in two different sizes. The 50g glass jar is perfect for your toolbox or where ever space is limited. The 100g glass jar fits well on your workbench, in your garage or store.

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50g, 100g

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