Mango-Syrup Chainlube

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Our highly durable, long lasting bicycle chain and component lubricant. environmental friendly with a fresh mango fragrance. For an economical application!

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Product Description

Mango-Syrup Chainlube

“Mango-Syrup Chainlube” – high quality and environmental friendly ingredients ensure a minimum of friction in your drive train, a smooth shifting and a quiet chain. Also excellent to use on all other parts, where a thick lube is required. This lube is highly water repellent and protects all parts from wear and corrosion.

The “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” is designed to get the best out of you, your bicycle and our nature. It is not harmful to you, any part of your bicycle and our environment. This lubricant has high viscosity to protect your drive train for wearing out quickly. It makes the chain running very smooth and quiet throughout longest rides. It crawls excellent in every link of your chain and does the job where it is needed.  It is also perfect to lube bearings, pivot points on derailleur, shifter and anywhere you need lube to make your bicycle awesome.

If you are riding a road bike, mountain bike, fixie, city bike or any other…! This is your lube. Perfect for any weather and all conditions.

We offer our “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” in two different  sizes. 50 ml is the perfect size for your toolbox or other places where space is rare. The 100ml glass bottle fits well on your workbench, in the garage or store.

It comes with a pipette screw cap which makes the application of the lube very easy. One portion of the pipette is just the right amount for a standard length of bicycle chain. You can dose our lube drop by drop to any other part of your bike where “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” is wanted.

We highly recommend to reuse the glass bottle for more “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” or in any other way. If you don’t find any way to reuse this container, you can still bring the glass back into the recycle process and it may becomes a new Woodman’s Finest bottle.

Be careful with using the glass container. It is strong glass but it still can break!!!

How to use best:

  1. Clean drive train and parts thoroughly before apply our chain lube. Best with “Woodman´s Finest Bicycle Shampoo”!
  2. Ensure drive train is dry.
  3. Unscrew top cap from glass bottle and make sure there is lube in the pipette.
  4. Apply a moderate amount of “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” to the inside chain links while spinning pedals in a reverse motion.
    One portion of the pipette is the right amount for a standard chain length.
  5. Put back the pipette in the bottle, screw the top tight and squeeze the rubber top gently till airboobles come out of the pipette, the pipette will so suck up the lube and be ready for the next use.
  6. After a short while, wipe away any excess chainlube with a cloth.

Repeat this process frequently depending on conditions. Keep parts slightly lubricated.

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