Woodman’s Finest – Bicycle Care and beyond!

We at Woodman’s Finest would like to introduce you in a new world of products for your bicycle and yourself.

We offer you a very carefully selected range of Bicycle Care which have the highest standards in quality. But we are not just focused on the product itself, but also on the packaging and everything around it. Our main goal is to deliver you high quality bicycle products with a minimum impact on our environment and yourself.

With the experience of more than 20 years – riding, racing and working in the bicycle industry – we develop an exclusive range of goods for all kinds of bicycles. Find out more about the amazing world of Woodman’s Finest – Bicycle Care!



Highest quality available - best functionality


Environmental friendly - harmless for you and our nature


Mango fragrance - you will love it

Top Cap

Pipette screw cap - for economical portioning

Glass Bottle

Intended for reuse - recyclable


different sizes available - best handling

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