The World of Woodman's Finest

What is Woodman's Finest?

The world of Woodman’s Finest is to think a step ahead! Our goal is to have the best products possible. In an ecological, economical and sustained way! I would like to explain you, how we can achieve this and make riding your bicycle, more enjoyable and environmental friendly.

Christian Schandl - Founder of Woodman's Finest

The Founder of Woodman's Finest

I am Christian, the founder and owner of Woodman’s Finest. I am riding bicycles since my early days in life. I used to race road, xc, dh, 4x and i am working in the bicycle industry since 1998. Since the year 2006, i can be proud to work with the best athlets in the world on the uci mountain bike world cup circuit as a mechanic. With riders such as Chris Kovarik, Matti Lehikoinen, Steve Smith †, Brook MacDonald, Danny Hart and many more. With all this experience, some good friends and I had the idea to create this brand. Woodman’s Finest offers you a great selection of items for your bicycle and yourself. Focused on the best quality of the products, but also the packaging, the design and most of all the sustainability of the complete product range and everything around it.

Enjoy the world of Woodman’s Finest – Bicycle care and beyond!!!

Our current range of products

  • Lubricants by Woodman


    The “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” is ahigh quality lube for your bicycle chain and all other parts, where a thick lube is necessary. It works best applied in a small amount on a clean and dry surface.

    It ensures your chain is running smoothly and gears are shifting quickly. It protects the equipment from wearing of too fast, corrosion and even makes your chain running quietly. We offer this product in different sizes to make sure it fits in your toolbox, on the bench in your workshop or where ever you need it.

    Our chainlube is also absolutely harmless. There are no toxic ingredients or other substances, which could harm you or our nature! It even smells amazingly good!!!

    “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” comes in glass bottles, which are highly intended to be reused. We will build up a global network of partner stores, where you can buy and refill your bottles. You can use this bottles for many other things. If there is absolutely no need for your bottle anymore, you can still put them in the recycle-container next to you. Maybe it becomes a new woodman’s finest “Mango-Syrup Chainlube”-bottle again.

    Our chainlube-bottle comes with a pipette screw top. This top ensures the wastefree use of our high quality lube. You can apply the lube exactly where you need it and in the right amount.

    How to use best:

    1. Clean drive train and parts thoroughly before apply our chain lube. Best with “Woodman´s Finest Bicycle Shampoo”!
    2. Ensure drive train is dry.
    3. Unscrew top cap from glass bottle and make sure there is lube in the pipette.
    4. Apply a moderate amount of “Mango-Syrup Chainlube” to the inside chain links while spinning pedals in a reverse motion.
      One portion of the pipette is the right amount for a standard chain length.
    5. Put back the pipette in the bottle, screw the top tight and squeeze the rubber top gently till air buubles come out of the pipette, the pipette will so suck up the lube and be ready for the next use.
    6. After a short while, wipe away any excess chainlube with a cloth.

    Repeat this process frequently depending on conditions. Keep parts slightly lubricated.

  • Multi-Purpose Grease by Woodman

    Multi-Purpose Grease

    “Coconut-Butter” is the name of our multi-purpose grease. This product can be used on all parts of your bicycle, where you need to apply grease. It can be used on any kind of material such as steal, aluminium, carbon fibre and any other. It’s ideal to mount headset cups, bottom bracket or seat post onto your frame. You can put it on any bolt, thread or other surfaces, where grease needs to be applied.

    It is skin-friendly and can be used with your fingers or the brush you can find on our website. This product is absolutely harmless for you and our nature.

    “Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” does a fantastic job on your bike and is very long lasting. You should work with it very carefully and economically. It has a lovely coconut smell! You will love it!!!

    Our grease comes in a glass jar with metal screw cap. This glass containers have a wide opening mouth to give unlimited access until the very bottom of the jar. The container is highly intended to be reused. We will build up a global network of partner stores, where you can buy and refill your glass jars. You can use this glass container also for any other goods, such as bolts and little pits and pieces etc.

    If there is absolutely no need for the “Coconut-Butter Multi-Purpose Grease” glass jars anymore, you can still put them in the recycle-container next to you. Maybe it becomes a new Woodman’s Finest jar again.

  • Cleaner by Woodman


    Our „Bicycle Shampoo“ is a great cleaner, suitable for all frame and component materials. This cleaner is biodegradable and safe to use on all kind of metal, carbon, plastic, rubber and painted surfaces. No matter if matt or glossy finish! Bicycle Shampoo is not just great for bicycles! Use it on your motorcycle, car, motorhome and many other occasions. You will always get an impressing result! The “ready to use” Bicycle Shampoo comes in a 1 liter high quality aluminium bottle with spray top. This bottle is meant to be reused - again and again. To refill this stable spray-bottle you can purchase a 100ml “Bicycle Shampoo Concentrate” which makes, mixed with clean water, 1 liter “ready to use” Bicycle Shampoo. For those who have a lot to clean, you can get a 5 liter canister of “Bicycle Shampoo Concentrate”.

    You can use this “Bicycle Shampoo Concentrate” also in a stronger dose. If a more powerful cleaner is required, just put more of the concentrate in your spray-bottle and the cleaning power will increase. Use the concentrate pure to clean heavily soiled drive trains and other parts where a degreaser is needed.

  • Accessories by Woodman


    In this category, we offer you carefully chosen and designed products around your bicycle and yourself.

    You can find products which make your work easier, such as brushes or find nice ideas to make your bicycle, workshop or friends happy!

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